Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Must try harder

When I started this blog, part of my reason for doing so was to see if I could keep it up. Turns out it's not as easy as one might think - so there haven't been any posts recently. It's not that there haven't been topics worth writing about, but I've not found the time to sit down and tackle them. And then the moment passes, and you think, "well that's old news, no point doing that now."

I'm not sure that's the right instinct though. After all, I'm hardly informing the world of things by writing about them, and hardly anyone is going to read what I put, apart from me. So maybe it should be much more about getting my ideas and musings down for my own benefit. And maybe, just maybe that will be of use to me at some point in the future - even if only to see how foolish I used to be.

For although writing something for public consumption can look as if it lacks humility, the possibility of using it in the future to demonstrate one's own lack of wisdom/insight/knowledge/spelling means that it can't be merely an exercise in pride. And there's something to be said for the discipline of having to put what one is thinking in terms temperate enough to share with others. It tests me - can I give reasons for what I think which are sensible enough to be capable of being explained?

And maybe, just maybe, someone else will read what I write, and it will give a little bit of pause for thought to someone else. Who knows what might be useful to another?

So I'll try to write more often, and I'll not restrict myself to the most current events in Church life, but sometimes go back and reconsider events which have passed, or just the random thoughts which come to me about theological stuff.

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